This page will be updated as things inevitably change

To all my lovely friends AKA customers,

It is with sadness that despite what I have previously said, due to it changing so quickly, I am going to have cancel some of my services. With the social distancing requirements from the government in place, I feel that it is my duty, as is it everyone’s to help slow down this virus for the good of everyone, especially the elderly and vulnerable. However, it is not all doom and gloom, as some services I will be providing in different ways.

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I unfortunately will be cancelling all my classes and replacing all yoga sessions with online yoga from the 23/3/20. There will also be an option online for those who can access it for circuits.

This is currently still under review

I will be continuing to offer personal training / 1:1 yoga sessions for the foreseeable future where they can be carried out outside and at a safe distance, otherwise they will be online. The following precautions are in place to reduce your risk:

  • Namaste greetings from me rather than hugs (and others encouraged to follow suit, add your own style be it an elbow bump, foot tap or a shaka!)
  • Equipment wiped down before and after
  • Hands washed / sanitised before and after (client and me)
  • If you or anyone in your household has a cough/fever then please cancel and rebook when you are well/after the 7 day isolation period
  • Please cancel the session if you do not feel comfortable in light of the issues

Other actions:

As said above I am looking into being able to provide virtual yoga classes. This will also include virtual PT sessions and virtual health and wellbeing consultations. I will also be putting together some information on how you can try and support your mental wellbeing during these difficult times (and beyond). See my Facebook Page for up to date videos and info.

For those of you who are self-isolating / who aren’t comfortable coming to classes / sessions, then please call me or preferably arrange to Skype me to see what I can do to help to support your mental and physical wellbeing.

Thank you all for taking time to read this.



Please keep up to date with the latest information on the NHS Wales website. There are several false posts going round on Facebook about drinking every 15 secs and holding your breath – these have been fact checked as incorrect.

Here is the World Health Organisation on how to protect yourself and those around you: