Yoga in the Barn at Top of the Woods (TOTW Guests Only)

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Yoga in the Barn at Top of the Woods, was featured in The Guardian, as the best campsite for activities for Yoga.

A different session each week, Leanne caters for beginners to intermediates and the classes will even benefit the more advanced yogi. If you’ve never tried Yoga, now is a good time to try it!

Please bring your own mat if possible, otherwise please bring a towel to be placed over the mat. Guests are limited to 4 due to coronavirus social distancing. 

Yoga is actually a spiritual practice (not a belief system) with physical elements. In the western world we tend to focus on the physical aspects. Leanne’s classes are based on classical yoga but take more of the Hatha style which is mainly the asanas (postures), pranayamas (breathing) and relaxation, with some short meditations.

A typical session includes:
– A short concentration and pranayama (control of prana (energy) through breath – grounding you into the moment, calming and increasing your focus
– Warm-up to get your muscles warmer and joints starting to mobilise before any more intense stretching
– Asanas – a variety of yoga postures which provide benefits of stretching and strengthening the body, improving blood flow – particularly to organs and spine, improving lymph flow (removal of toxins) and if you are concentrating on the postures – active meditation – which over time improves concentration.
– Relaxation – this takes the form of the posture called ‘Savasana’ or ‘the Corpse Pose’ where you lie on your back and the aim is to fully relax your body and mind. The aim of this in yoga is to relax yourself fully before performing meditation, enabling you to clear all those iratic thoughts (yogash chitta vritti nirodhah) and be with your ‘true self’ (tadah drashtu svarupe avasthanam).
– Occasionally we will do a short meditation and sometimes Leanne will focus on some key asanas for common postural issues.
What does it benefit?
As well as the benefits listed above, yoga can help improve posture and therefore reducing non-specific lower back pain, shoulder and neck pain. It can also improve your sleep, help you to lose weight, provide tools for reducing anxiety and can help on the journey of recovery of depression. Leanne has specifically worked with clients with MS which had very positive results for the patient. In addition, Leanne has had participants with Parkinson’s disease.
If you are suffering from a condition which you believe yoga may be beneficial for, you may need to seek your GPs permission (usually written form) before taking part in the class. If you are pregnant, please seek your midwifes advice. Leanne is not a trained ante-natel or post-natel yoga teaching and therefore is limited to the asana that she can work with pregnant participants.
Each participant will need to complete the registration form if they haven’t already.