Life Transformation and Rehabilitation

Life Transformation and Rehabilitation

BirdSol specialises in life transformation. We can help you to transform your body, mind and lifestyle to create a long-term sustainable change to your life. Letting you rediscover your life, your passion, your freedom. Whether it’s weight loss/gain, learning to deal with anxiety, improving your posture, learning about healthy eating or rehabilitation we will work with you to develop a personalised program to help meet your goals, and enjoy the journey to get there.

Life transformation components

Whether it’s a bit of baby weight, too much fun over Christmas or long standing weight issues, weight loss is one of the most common transformation services. Less common but of equal concern to people involved is weight gain for people who are struggling to keep the weight on.tape measure

When dealing with weight complaints, we offer the full package to ensure you weight loss/gain is healthy and sustainable. We are not into fad diets, juice pills, shakes etc. Sorry to burst the bubble but there is no easy fix! Reaching a healthy weight involves 80% diet and 20% exercise. Sometimes you may just require a small tweak in your lifestyle, other times you may need an overall to kick start you into a long term healthy lifestyle. We cover exercise programs, nutrition plans, lifestyle adjustments; even postural corrections can affect how you look and feel.

Oh and don’t just expect to be stuck on some scales once a week. We like to draw on a variety of body measurements to help track your progress, not getting fixated on BMI or weight. This includes waist measurements, hip:waist ratio and body composition (fat %, muscle % and visceral fat).

So you are looking to lose some weight, big or small, or put some on, then contact BirdSol today.

postureMany issues we suffer from day to day including lower back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain can be attributed to poor posture. Poor posture can also lead us more susceptible to injury. Poor posture often stems from the way we go about our day to day lives, such as profession (e.g. as siting a computer all day), carrying a heavy bag unequally, or from a previous injury.

You may be already aware of your issues with your posture, or they may be picked up during a postural assessment.

If you think you may have issues with your posture, please contact BirdSol today for a consultation.

It’s not all about exercise, BirdSol is passionate about helping to educate you to live an all round healthy lifestyle. From getting you more active day to day to providing education in healthy eating to exercise programmes, we can get you looking and feeling healthier in no time.

quoteIt’s not all about your body and mind too, we can also provide information and training on on how you can help create a healthier environment; from cleaner soaps to vegan make-up.

BirdSol specialises in vegetarian and vegan diets so if you need information on how to ensure you are getting all your nutrients, particularly when undertaking exercise, then please get in touch.

Educated with a Level 3 Diploma in Exercise Referral, we can offer exercise programmes as part of treatment of or reduction/relief of symptoms of conditions. These conditions may include (but are not limited to):

  • hypertension
  • lower back pain
  • obesity
  • diabetes
  • arthritis
  • stress/anxiety/depression
  • joint replacement

Low-Back-PainWhere you are suffering from one of these or another condition, you will require a letter from your GP, following a consultation, which confirms they are happy for you to undertake the program as proposed.

believe-in-yourselfFor many people, the underlying reasons for some of their other complaints are related to lack of confidence. At BirdSol we aim to re-build your confidence in yourself through our programs, education and support. Exercise, yoga, healthy eating or just having a reason to get out of the house can help build confidence, as well as being support to meet achievable goals. Every person is individual so how we specifically do this is down to that person and that person alone.

Give BirdSol a call now if you feel we can help you.

Whether it’s to perform a particular sport or profession, to improve your posture, help prevent injury or to just generally make you feel stronger, BirdSol can offer general or tailored core and general body strengthening.

Contact use today to find out what we can do for yousquat

Injury Rehabilitation

Life Transformation and Rehabilitation Packages

Life Transformation

Fat Loss / Muscle Gain Starter Package

£ 365
  • Health, fitness and lifestyle consultation and report
  • Nutrition assessment and guide
  • Goal setting
  • Fitness program covering the initial goal period
  • 10 x personal training sessions
  • Review sessions against goals
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Posture Correction Starter Package

£ 365
  • Posture, health, fitness and lifestyle consultation and report
  • Goal setting
  • Posture correction program covering the initial goal period
  • 10 x personal training sessions
  • 5 x sports massages
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Stress Relief Starter Package

£ 320
  • Health, fitness and lifestyle consultation and report
  • Goal setting
  • Wellbeing program covering the initial goal period
  • 10 x yoga, meditation and/or fitness sessions
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Injury Rehabilitation

Injury Treatment

£ 165
  • Posture, health, fitness and lifestyle consultation
  • Goal setting
  • Injury rehabilitation program covering the initial goal period
  • 3 x Stretch and strengthening sessions
  • 3 x sports massages
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On-going treatment

£ 25+
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