Online Classes

Online Classes

During this time of COVID-19 and hopefully beyond, many of my classes are now available online/virtually. Online sessions so far include:

  • Hatha yoga – traditional yoga with some flows. Suitable for beginners and intermediates
  • Surf/SUP Yoga – more strenuous aimed at surfers and SUPers but anyone can join, less suitable for beginners more intermediate plus.
  • Surf/SUP Fitness – Fitness session aimed at surfers and SUPers but anyone can join.
  • Boxercise/Fitness – Shadow boxing and fitness session including cardio and endurance. Suitable for those who haven’t done boxercise before
  • Low Intensity Fitness – Circuit style class with many lower intensity options but also options to increase intensity if suitable for you.

Sessions are £3 per session or you can buy a 10 session pass for £15 (4 week expiry).

Whether you have done face to face classes before you are very welcome, all you need to do is sign up here.

Once signed up, you will need to book classes through GymCatch. If you are already registered with GymCatch that’s great, once signed up you can book. Otherwise you’ll need to go through a short registration process. Once a class is booked you’ll see a link to join the class online – and that’s it. Click the link and you’ll be held in a waiting room until I am ready to start the class.

No, new attendees are very welcome. You will need to complete a health screening before attending and agree to undertaking the sessions online.

So all you need for yoga is something you can bend in be it shorts and tshirt, leggings and top, joggers, whatever is comfortable for you. For the fitness sessions you need some gear that you can move easily in and suitable footwear e.g. trainers.

You’ll come into a waiting room where you will wait until I am ready to start the class. You will come into the session on mute so if you want to say hello you’ll need to unmute. When the class is starting I’ll ask everyone to go onto mute to keep the camera from flicking to other people.

You need enough space for yoga to spread your arms and legs out standing up and lying down. For fitness you need about twice this space. Make sure it is free from clutter, flat and no trip hazards like rugs that might scrunch up.

No problem, book as usual and then let me know that you won’t be coming so I can send you a link after then class. You’ll have 24 hours to view

When unmuted the screen flicks to whoever is talking/making a noise so keep it on mute for the session. I record the session too so this prevents you being on the recording. Other participants can set their view to gallery view which means they can see everyone but most people have me as the main screen so they can follow what is going on.

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